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2018-19 NYC Cyclones Tryout Registration



This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from NYC Cyclones.

USA Hockey Requirement

Please note you can use your current 2017-18 USAH number to register for tryouts.

Each Player must have a USA Hockey number to register for Tryouts.

USAH Note: The USAH online registration site is down to allow us to prepare for the upcoming season. Registration for the 2018-19 season will start Monday, April 2. If you do not have a 2017-18 USAH number please email

If you do not have a USAH number please follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.

2018-19 New York City Cyclones Tryout Information

The New York City Cyclones Youth Hockey tryout registration for 2018-19 is now open. Registration for tryouts is online only. No exceptions.


The pre-registration tryout fee is $175, if completed before April 10 (for 8U, 10U, 11U and 12U) and April 17 (for 13U, 14U, 16U and 18U) and $225, if registration occurs after those dates. The pre-registration tryout fee is $100 for 14U Girls, if completed before April 12 and $150 if registration occurs after April 12.

Payment is by credit card only and must be completed during the registration process. All payments are non-refundable.

Please note the following as it relates to tryouts:  

Sky Rink employees will be at tryout nights to answer questions about our program.

All players need a parent with them at both tryouts.

During the second tryout for each age group, we will hold a meeting with the parents of participating players.  At that meeting, we will discuss the program for next season, answer questions, and explain the process for roster selection and registration.  At the conclusion of the tryout session, we will post Tier II and Tier III/Milner team rosters in the area outside the youth hockey office. Immediately proceeding the team meeting all players are required to go to the Uniform fitting and order for next season.

To secure your child’s roster spot, you will be required to sign a NYSAHA commitment form and pay.  There are 2 payment options (1) Checks - The full season fee can be paid by check only at tryouts. Checks will not be accepted later and all future payments will need to be online by credit card. (2) Credit Card Payments - Those wishing to pay the season fee by credit card can do so online during Season registration. Please note credit card payments will incur a processing fee charged and paid to SportsEngine.  Those paying with credit card must register online and pay within 24 hours. If a family has a financial issue with providing a deposit, please reach out to Peter Panay at to work out a resolution in advance.

By signing the commitment form, you will commit your player to the NYC Cyclones for the 2018-19 season.  No releases will be granted and your child will be prohibited from trying out for another organization.  Note that we previously advised that commitment forms would be collected before the second tryout.  That policy is in the best interest of our committed players and teams because it prohibits families from trying out with multiple organizations, choosing their preferred option, and abandoning their Cyclones commitment.  Although trying out for multiple teams and abandoning commitments violates LIAHL rules, it is a situation we deal with every season.  We anticipate that the requirement that families immediately submit their commitment form will have substantially the same effect as our preferred policy.  However, please note that if you fail to provide us with a signed NYSAHA commitment form when rosters are posted at the conclusion of the second tryout, we will assume that you have decided to decline your child’s roster spot and will immediately offer that spot to another player. 

Please notePlayers who have not registered and paid online will not be allowed to tryout unless prior arrangement is made with the Cyclones organization. Please e-mail the Cyclones Registrar at, to make arrangements.

Players who played for another NYSAHA organization and would like to participate in the NYC Cyclones clinics and/or tryout are required to provide a NYSAHA Player Release Form from their organization. Players coming from another LIAHL TEAM must provide an ORIGINAL NYSAHA PLAYER RELEASE FORM WITH A RAISED SEAL.


Age Classifications for 2018-19

18U – 2000 & 2001

16U – 2002 & 2003

14U – 2004

13U – 2005

14U Girls - 2004, 2005 & 2006

12U – 2006

11U – 2007

10U – 2008 & 2009

  8U – 2010, 2011 & 2012


The NYC Cyclones are New York City's premier youth hockey organization. The Cyclones field teams at the 8U through 18U age levels that compete in the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League (Tier II only) and Tier II of the  Long Island Amateur Hockey League. Cyclones teams compete in tournaments and college/prep school showcases across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

Program Specifics

Tier II State bound Teams – All teams are non-birth year specific

Our Tier II Teams (10U to 18U) will begin preparing for next season by practicing once a week this spring starting the week after all tryouts end, and playing in a spring EJEPL showcase in May.  The regular season starts in late August 2018 and ends in March of 2019.  All games, practices, showcases & tournaments are mandatory and the organization reserves the right to move players between Tier II and Milner/Tier III teams through December 31, 2018 based on commitment and skill level.  There will be a showcase at the end of August required by the EJEPL.

  • Practices - 2 per week.
  • Off-ice practice at the beginning of the regular season - once a week for 10U through 18U. 
  • Power skating – all 8U through 14U teams are expected to have two power skating sessions every month during the season as part of their regular practice schedule.
  • Games – Over 50 games (exhibition, showcases, tournaments, leagues).
  •  All Tier II teams will participate in the Long Island Hockey League (LIAHL) and Eastern Junior Elites Prospect League (EJEPL Diamond), except for Mites.
  • Tier II Teams are New York State Amateur Hockey Association tournament eligible.
  • 2 Tournaments & 3 Showcases (including May) – Tournaments & EJEPL Showcases involve travel, the cost of which is not covered by the season fees paid to the organization. Tournaments & Showcases are often held during Holiday weekends and will involve Friday games (least amount possible).
  • Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers is our home rink, but in rare circumstances some teams may use other rinks for practices and home games due to ice time constraints.

Tier III / Milner Non-State Bound / Mites 

Our Tier III, Milner and Mite Teams season starts in early September 2018 and ends in March of 2019 and all games, practices, & tournaments are mandatory. 

  • Practice - 2 per week.
  • Off-ice practice – 10U Tier III, 11U Tier II Milner, 13U Tier II Milner
  • Power skating – each team (8U through 13U) is expected to have two power skating sessions every month during the season as part of their regular practice schedule.
  • Games – Approximately 50 games (exhibition, tournaments, league).
  • All Tier III/Milner Tier II Non-State Bound teams will participate in the Long Island Hockey League (LIAHL) except for Mites.
  • 11U & 13U Tier II Milner with also participate in the EJEPL.
  • Mites will participate in the Chelsea Pier Connecticut League in Stamford, CT
  • 10U Tier III and Mite teams will participate in at least 3 tournaments per season. 11U & 13U Tier II Milner will participate in 2 Tournaments & 2 Showcases (May Showcase may be added - TBD) – Tournaments & EJEPL Showcases involve travel, the cost of which is not covered by the season fees paid to the organization. Tournaments & Showcases are often held during Holiday weekends and will involve Friday games (least amount possible). 
  • Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers is our home rink, but some teams may use other rinks for practices and home games due to ice time constraints.

Practice/Clinic Schedule:

Next season we are taking a holistic approach to ensure all players across the organization receive maximum ice time for development based on their age group and skill level. We have also expanded our availability of full ice practices to include more teams, as noted in the practice schedule below.   Our philosophy on the restructuring of practice times will result in more competitive teams throughout the season.  With the 50 minutes practice model players will have exposure as a team to real game situational scenarios and be able to work on these throughout the season.  In the continued 80 minute split ice practices we have scheduled the teams of similar age level to practice together allowing for both full-ice flow drills, small ice games, and also half-ice team concepts.  In our mind ice time is valuable, coaches will be required to pre-plan practices for the season.  The new coach practice plan requirement will guarantee to keep players involved, engaged, working hard and most importantly developing while having fun.

All teams, except 8U, will have off-ice practice with players alternating weekly between Top Shelf (skating tread mill/shooting practice) and endurance/strength training with Chris Robinson. Kurt Nichols will continue to work with the coaches to provide power skating instruction to each team every other week.  The alternating off-ice practice for the upcoming season will ensure that players are receiving a dynamic and engaging training regimen each week.  We will be implementing smaller groups which will allow for maximum training time and focused coach engagement with each player, in turn developing stronger and faster players.  

The practice schedule will be as follows*:

8U (2010-12) 
    Tuesday  - 4:00-5:20pm (80 min) - Full Ice
    Thursday - 4:00-5:20pm (80 min) - Full Ice

10U Tier III (2009)
    Monday         - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice 
    Wednesday - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice

10U Tier II (2008) 
    Wednesday - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice
    Thursday       - 5:30-6:20pm (50 min) - Full Ice

11U Tier II Milner (2007) 
    Tuesday         - 5:30-6:20pm (50 min) - Full Ice
    Wednesday - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice

12U Tier II (2006)    
    Wednesday - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice
    Thursday       - 7:30-8:20pm (50 min) - Full Ice

14U Girls Travel (2004, 2005, and 2006) 
    Monday   - 5:30-6:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice
    Thursday - 6:30-7:20pm (50 min) - Full Ice

13U Tier II Milner (2005) 
    Tuesday         - 6:30-7:20pm - Full Ice
    Wednesday - 7:00-8:20pm - Split Ice

14U Tier II (2004) 
    Tuesday         - 7:30-8:20pm - Full Ice
    Wednesday - 7:00-8:20pm - Split Ice

16U Tier II (2002 & 2003)
    Wednesday - 8:30-9:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice
    Friday             - 7:00-8:20pm (80 min) - Full Ice

18U Tier II (2000 & 2001)
    Wednesday - 8:30-9:50pm (80 min) - Split Ice
    Friday             - 7:00-8:20pm (80 min) - Full Ice

*Practices are subject to change based on ice availability.


New for 2018-19
Beginning in mid-November when we switch over to the winter schedule, we will be developing monthly clinics on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:20pm available to all teams from 10U to 18U.  These clinics will be included in the program fee and provide both coaches and the organization the ability of an extra touch each month to focus on skills and team play concepts.   These clinics will include, but not limited to focuses such as power play/penalty kill, checking clinics, goaltending and power skating.  The organization will work closely with each team and coach to pinpoint the focus for each monthly clinic.


Travel youth hockey is a serious commitment of time and energy. As per the Cyclones Parent Contract, all practices, games and tournaments are mandatory and your child is expected to attend all. Please read the rules in the Player Contract and help your child live up to them. For more information please refer to the "Parent Contract (Season)" and "Player Contract" which are available online in the documents section at

While we hope to make no changes once the season starts, the organization reserves the right to move players between Tier II and Tier III/Milner level teams up until final rosters are set on December 31, 2018.  Player movement will be based on commitment level and skill level.

Initial Team Selection

Teams will be announced after the final tryout.  As noted above, the organization must have a signed commitment form and a down payment on the season fee prior to a player participating in the final relevant tryout.  If a player is not selected for a team, the commitment form will be deemed null and void and the down payment will be returned.  For those families interested in financial aid, please contact:


For the 2018-19 season, the New York City Cyclones organization anticipates fielding the following teams:

  • 8U 5-6 Teams. (9-11 players per team) The Mite program follows the USAH ADM model. The majority of games will be played at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT., on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
  • 10U Tier II  Non-state Bound ('09)
  • 10U Tier III Non-state Bound (or Tier II Milner) ('08)
  • 11U Tier II Milner ('07)
  • 12U Tier II  NYS Tournament Bound ('06)
  • 13U Tier II Milner ('05)
  • 14U Tier II  NYS Tournament Bound ('04)
  • 14U Girls ('04, '05, '06)
  • 16U Tier II  NYS Tournament Bound ('02, '03)
  • 18U Tier II  NYS Tournament Bound ('00, '01)


8U - Daniel Genovese (HC), Brian Dowd, Russ Torrisi, Craig Woodcock (SR practice only)
10U Tier II - Luke Gulbranson (HC), Sean Ostroy 
10U Tier III (or Milner) - Keith Knight (HC), Kirk Jackson, Jamie Mercado
11U Tier II Milner - Danny O'Brien (HC), Pat Manocchia, Jon Herringer
12U Tier II - Beau Lardner (HC), Rob Johnson 
13U Tier II Milner - Mike Estroff (HC), Kevin Croxton
14U Tier II - Brooks Robinson (HC), Will Rayner
14U Girls Travel - Alana Blahoski (HC), Brianne Mahoney
16U Tier II - Steve Weinstein(HC), Will Rayner
18U Tier II - Alec Adjil, TBD (HC) 

Goalie Coach: Miro Recicar
Power Skating Coach: Kurt Nichols
Off-Ice Coach: Chris Robinson
Skating Mill Coach: Brian Dowd


Tryout Dates

Players must attend both tryouts. Tryout dates and times are as follow:

Tryout #1 - Wednesday, April 11th - 5:30pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 14th - 8:30am
Tryout #1 - Tuesday, April 10th - 5:30pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 14th - 11:30am
Tryout #1 - Tuesday, April 10th - 7:00pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 14th - 2:30pm
Girls 14U
Tryout #1 - Friday, April 13th - 5:30pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 14th - 5:30pm
Tryout #1 - Tuesday, April 17th - 7:00pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 21st - 11:30am
16U & 18U
Tryout #1 - Thursday, April 19th - 7:00pm
Tryout #2 - Saturday, April 21st - 2:30pm

Please note: Tryout jerseys will be provided at the initial tryout date.  These jerseys must be returned at the end of the final tryout. A fee of $25 will be charged for jerseys that are not returned.

Season Fees
8U $4,250
10U Tier III (or Milner) $5,000
10U Tier II  $5,500
11U Tier II Milner $5,500
12U Tier II  $5,500
13U Tier II Milner $5,500
14U Tier II  $5,750
14U Girls    $5,250
16U Tier II  $5,750
18U Tier II  $5,750

Timing and Payment
A non-refundable payment is required, along with a NYSAHA commitment form, for those players selected to a team. Full Season checks payments must be submitted with the NYSAHA commitment form immediately following the posting of rosters.

Season Fee
The season fee can be paid in full by check at the time rosters are posted at the final tryout or, by credit card through the registration system. Players must register within 24 hours to secure their roster spot. In the event you elect to pay by credit card, a processing fee of 2.95% plus $0.75 per transaction, will be charged to your account by SportsEngine.  Also, if you elect to pay by credit card, you will have the option of paying a deposit and two installments – one on May 15th and the other on June 15th.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for qualifying families through the Sky Rink Scholarship Fund.  All financial aid applicants must make an initial deposit at tryouts. The Sky Rink Scholarship Fund application and all supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline, April 30 to If you require further information please email


* Teams are subject to number of qualified players and players should not expect to receive a release if they are selected for any Cyclones team, regardless of level.
** Coaches are preliminary and subject to change.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Peter Panay